Dr. Igda Martinez

Director of Behavioral Health, The Floating Hospital

Community based organizations like The Floating Hospital are the lifeblood of neighborhoods, providing emergency food and health services, financial counseling, employment training, college preparation and access programs, after-school programs, immigration services and advocacy, and other critical services for families. These organizations play critical roles in the educational and economic opportunities of students and their families in their community, and they are a central piece of the neighborhood social infrastructure. Leveraging the infrastructure and networks of the Save for College Program, NYC Kids RISE has been able to share critical information with and bring experts directly to families on important topics through the NYC Kids RISE Virtual Town Hall Series. Dr. Igda Martinez and The Floating Hospital have been important contributors. In the future, recognizing the connection between health and wealth, NYC Kids RISE looks forward to collaborating with The Floating Hospital to make sure that many of their youngest patients are able to take full advantage of the Save for College Program.

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