Rosa Mar


Community Scholarships provide a way for communities to come together and leverage their unique assets to support college and career training opportunities. Community Scholarships also serve as a reminder to students and families that the community is supporting them and that they are not alone in supporting their child’s educational success. In the fall of 2019, P.S. 92Q in Corona hosted a special dinner and expert panel to announce the P.S. 92 Parent-to-Parent Community Scholarship made possible by the College Opportunity Fund. Thanks to this $15,000 Community Scholarship each of the 248 first- and second-grade students participating in the Save for College Program at P.S. 92 received another $60 in their NYC Scholarship Accounts. As PTA president, Rosa Mar represented her school community at the event sharing how she was supporting her daughter through the Save for College Program and why she encouraged other parents to do the same. About 60% of families who had not yet activated their NYC Scholarship Accounts had done so by the end of the evening.

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