Ebony Young

Former VP of Corporate Social Responsibility, TF Cornerstone

Community Scholarships are about bringing together institutions and individuals that make up a neighborhood around a common purpose: supporting all of their children to succeed. In December 2019, this vision came to life across Long Island City through a community-wide fundraising campaign called “Funding Long Island City’s Future”. More than 100 local residents, businesses, parents, community organizations, and other supporters contributed including a catalyzing $15,000 contribution from the TF Cornerstone Philanthropic Fund. TF Cornerstone, where Ebony Young served as Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, sent emails to their Long Island City tenants offering to match their tenants contributions, and showcased the campaign at their holiday party encouraging additional local contributors. As a result of the Funding Long Island City’s Futures Campaign, every child with a NYC Scholarship account at P.S. 76, P.S. 111, P.S. 112, Growing Up Green Charter School, and VOICE Charter School at the time received a $60 Community Scholarship.

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